Monday, September 26, 2005

The change.

Someone very rightly said, The only thing that is constant is change. I bet everyone would have felt it in their lives..

I stay where I am
But I feel like I'm running.
I try to hold on
But nothing remains the same

I see new faces
I see new places
Everything new and fresh
But I feel I'm a stranger here.

My other world was similar I remember
The day I got into it
It took me time to overcome
And then I got addicted to it.

I realized it was time to leave
To prepare for the next world
This one now is going to be
Just a page in your book of memories


I love this spring with colors in it
I love this green with flowers in it
But I know it gives way
For the summer to conquer it

It sets in with all its furious heat
As to burn everything
I start liking its shine and warmth
I start enjoying long bright days

But then its time for it to leave
Giving me a cold pat on back
oh no its not the summer's pat
Its conquering arm of the Autumn fall

It sets in Stripping off all the green
As to take an old revenge
I miss the greens, I miss the shine
But it takes its toll sparing none.

I start loving the golden world
All yellow glowing in a melancholy
The bed of leaves support my feet
And the cool breeze soothes my heart

The trees bless me showering their leaves
Oh it hurts, this heavy leaf
No its not a leaf,its snow
I knew this would come but wished it be late

This cold chills my bones
This snow hurts me lot
Still she attracts me to her
With all her beauty and her power

I know she'll go away from me
For the spring to take her place
But now I'm in love with her
And the spring would not be the same.

Here i stand motionless when
Everything around me change
Not a grass, not a leaf
Not a dew, is the same

Now I love this changes here
Now I love the freshness here
Now I love the strangeness here
Am I the same old me?

Who could give me an answer
Oh you the only one I trust
Who Was and is and will be with me
Only you could tell me.

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